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The Applied AI Company (AAICO) acquires Galactic Bioware, Inc.

The Applied AI Company (AAICO) today announces the acquisition of safety technology company Galactic Bioware, Inc.

“Galactic Bioware has achieved significant engineering progress in a short amount of time across a myriad of different fields. Applying AI to mission-critical processes is our focus and it matters most for front line personnel” Arya Bolurfrushan, Founder and CEO of AAICO.

“We are excited to partner with AAICO to ramp-up our artificial intelligence and engineering efforts across computer vision, voice recognition, and tactical decision support for emergency responders to be safer and more effective in the field.” Nicholas Johnston, Co-Founder and Design Director of Galactic Bioware.

The Founder of Galactic Bioware and Head of Engineering, Phillip Kingston, has become AAICO’s Chief Operations Officer and now heads up AAICO’s Applied Sciences division across the US and Australia.

Galactic Bioware’s team will join the AAICO Applied Sciences division that specializes in developing AI-powered products for the safety sector. Galactic Bioware’s Australian-based R&D center and production facility will continue to be expanded as part of the acquisition.

The Applied AI Company (AAICO)

The Applied AI Company (AAICO) builds products to help automate and enhance mission critical processes within the health and safety sectors. Media enquiries to [email protected]

About Galactic Bioware

Galactic Bioware develops advanced human survival technology to enable people to survive and thrive in Earth's most dangerous environments.